Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday 27th May 2015...stay with me!!!

so Google closed down the format I was using to blog so me and millions of other ujsers are not too thrilled but with a little hel from my friends as the Beatles wrote I was able to find a way to blog but this is a little long and complicated so subscription rates will have to go higher.... just some shots from yesterday before I start today's ost!!! So now to today!!! Well I have found out from some of my techie friends that Windows Live Writer has been cancelled by Gogle so I need to find a new way to ost …so if you are reading this then I did!!!! Had a great slee in the cabin and was on the road by 8am and I had researched and headed for here Overview: Calf Creek Falls is one of the most well known and unique features in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. The trail follows Calf Creek to the 126' high falls. The hike is 6 miles round trip and takes average hikers 3-4 hours. Elevation change on the trail is minimal, but the trail is sandy and walking can be strenuous, especially in hot weather. In contrast, the falls provide a delightfully cool, shady haven which makes the hike well worth the effort. So join me for this hike…. I had done some research and found this hike I wanted to do to Lower Calf Creek Falls and I was at the trail headby 8.30am a smart move as I was the only one in the arking lot.. The trail was really nice and the view wonderful Then I did something a little silly, what you cannot believe that!!! I lost concentration for a minute and took a wrong turn down a dry river bed....I had gone maybe 200 yards when I knew I was wrong but then I could not belive my ears...I could here a guitar laying'Here comes the sun" I turned the corner and saw this guy sitting alone on to of the rock strumming away and the acoustics were getting lost was one of those serendipity moments...he ut me back on the right track and away I went. Whjen I was a young "coer" in Bermuda I was a "bird fancier" but not so much anymore but I could hear so many birds and managed these two shots!!! So now let me set the is around 9.30am on a beautiful sunny and warm day, I feel really good...I am totally on my own and I turn a corner and hear and see this The next shot tells it all YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favourite canyon hike in San Miguel was to the waterfall where I would sit and just think and enjoy well this was equally the same words needed... My camino back ack is great but a little large for day hikes so I bought a new one yesterday I learned this little trick from my Dad everywhere he went he took a shot of his ack..of course mine has to have a name and being as my car is Little Bluey this has to be named Tiny Bluey(yes I know I need to get a life) It was magical I stayed here about 30 minutes and whilst I was there another coule arrived they looked u took a few shots and turned around and left..I could not believe it this is a round tri 6 mile hike with a view to kill for and they stay 30 seconds!!!! Someflowers on the way back See anything in this shot!!!! white x is actually three ictograhs!!! Back on the road had to sto for these... I was surrised it took me until today to get my first deer shots.. It was only a short 90km drive to my accommodation for the next three nights...I booked it through my regular website air bnb but it is actually a small 4 room motel The room is great fridge, micro, bath tub and a great view and all for 55 dollars Things I saw in the yard Life as a retired man is not all fun and laughter sometimes a guy just has to do this!!! So now I am going for my second bath of the day..I have some home made banana bread to have with my tea and watch some TV unfortunately they do not have the station with the hockey game.... What a day!!! Bear with me if this is not as good as my other entries just learning this new format...blessings Yashi Kochi!!! >

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