Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday 28th May cannot remember!!!!

Had a good sleep but woke up feeling just a tad bit blue and without much energy so I decided to hang out in the room with a nice breakfast and instead of doing the big hike I had planned for today I decided to go into the the scenic drive and a couple of short hikes instead. I packed up my lunch and headed out about 10.30am it is only a few miles to I first went to the Visitor's service desk and got a map and some directions and took off on the 20 mile scenic drive...... The colors on these rocks seem to change with every corner turned..the canyons are huge and a very lovely drive!!! I then went on a different route and found this hike... It was a 2 mile trail and fairly easy with wonderful vistas!!! I then came to the bridge and this was my lunch time view!!! A very impressive rock formation!!! Next was this old sign!!! and finally the old barn... On the way home I saw this sight never seen anything quite like it would have loved to sto and talk with him.... These beauties were in the field next to where I am staying..after my close ordeal with cows a few months ago in Mexico I am weary of them and they in turn seem to have their beady eyes on me!!! I have enjoyed dinner, a long hot soak in Epsom salts bath and now after the blog going to have tea and a treat and watch a movie..... A different day for me but as I write I feel back to my old that a good thing you should be asking!!!! Yashi Kochi!!!


Carol said...

Love seeing these photos les! I studied geology in western Colorado and did a lot of mineral exploration in Utah. The high vertical cliffs are the Jurassic Wingate Sandstone.... old windblown sand deposits. The rocks beneath, that form the bridges, are the Jurassic Entrada Formation... windblown beach deposits. If you look closely you can see the individual sand lenses in them. The dark red rocks below that are the Chinle Formation.... formed under oxidizing conditions, hence the dark red color. I used to hike and walk these formations, mapping them and looking for details that would lead to hints about where uranium deposits might be!! Many great memories.... so glad you are getting to see these places!

mexicokid said...

thanks that explains the different and vibrant colors..what a job you had blessings les

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