Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday 22nd May 2015….Day 4!!!

It was 67 years ago today in a small hospital that proud parents Doris and Percy, younger brother Malc welcomed this adorable and gorgeous new member into the Pearson clan!!!!!


What can I say!!!!!

Had a great sleep and spent the morning planning the next few days of my itinerary, had a lovely breakfast and then at 11 am met Linda at Guy’s care home…..Guy was doing great sitting outside enjoying the sunshine.

Linda had brought some wonderful sandwiches and we had a picnic and then Linda produced this…. my favorite strawberry shortcake…


It tasted as good as it looks… was such a treat for me to  have my Birthday lunch with these two long and great friends thanks so much.

Afterwards I went and did some grocery shopping and then came home and just relaxed for a few hours….read my book, sat outside and maybe just maybe there was an afternoon snooze in there.

At 5.30p m I picked up Linda and we headed out of town a few miles to a local church where one of Linda’s Grandsons, Tristan was having his graduation ceremony….


This was a magical and teary evening seeing and hearing these kids and their dedicated teachers perfom…here Tristan is belting out the US national anthem and he did a wonderful job!!!!




Very proud parents Melissa and Randy!!!!!



Tristan’s siblings!!!!


proud Grandma!!!!


I could not think of a better way to spend my Birthday!!!!

Afterwards I drove Linda home and said goodbye to her as I leave in the morning………Thanks for everything you and Guy are special to me.

Thanks to many friends for wonderful e mail birthday wishes but as yet not received any cheques!!!!!

Have a great memorial day weekend to my many American friends….

Yashi Kochi!!!


Samantha Marshall said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Les glad you had a great day x x

mexicokid said...

It was and I am glad I am your Uncle blessings L

Ingibjorg said...

Happy Birthday!

Esther said...

Your cheque's in the mail, Les! Happy Birthday!

mexicokid said...

thanks Ingie and Esther I still did not get last year;s!!!!!L

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