Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday 30th May 2015......a driving and hiking day!!!

All packed and on the road by 8am this morning it was going to be a moderate driving day but first I had two hikes planned...I think you all know I lie to do research and this morning I hope to see two very different areas... It was about a 45 minute drive to my first hike... I have been in a few slot canyons and this one was neat!!! I have never witnessed a flash flood but would like to see one from a safe distance but I can imagine getting caught here in one would be very dangerous!!! My next hike was only a few minutes drive away and how amazing that in a short drive the scenery would be so opposite!!! You are allowed to walk through out the valley Your imagination can run amok imagining all different objects from the rocks!!! Then it was a bout a three hour drive to my destination for two nights..the small town of provo... I am staying at another wonderful airbnb home and my hostess Kiri is lovely as is her home.. Kiri does not have a TV.....what is wrong!!!! and there was an important hockey game on tonight that I wanted to watch so I treated myself to dinner at a sports bar and sadly I left my camera at the house but the screen was at least 10 feet in diameter and they brought me a small box like a napkin holder which was my own private speaker!!! BUT the best art of it was on the menu they had....wait for are not going to believe it CHICKEN FRIED CHICKEN......remember my melt down last month in Tucson when I found out that chicken fried steak is not chicken...well tonight it was a great evening!!! two waterfall hikes are on my agenda wishes to all my readers and thank you for joining me!!!! Yashi Kochi!!!

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