Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday 18th May 2015…this is it!!!!

My last day in SMA and the sun shone all day…that sure was a great send off last night everyone has sent me e mails saying how much fun it was and that I was very entertaining here are a couple more shots…


Do not ask me why this has happened again cannot figure out how to turn it around sorry Deb and Pierre!!!


This is the little gift my tennis buddies presented me with!!!



This morning I took Little Blackie for a last ride before I left her with the new owners…actually at their casa as they are in the States right now…..I have driven her for 15000 km and every one was a pleasure this is sure the way to get around this town.



The afternoon I finally packed Little Bluey and she is filled but most of it will stay with Linda in Tucson….

So just a quiet night making sure I have done everything and it will be an early start in the morning.

Really do not know how I feel about leaving I have had almost three years living here and it has been awesome obviously some sadness with what has transpired with my girls but I have many fond memories of them and I hope that some things we did will stay with them…..I am not closing the door on returning here after my travels have finished and always San Miguel will be that magical town that it is…..thanks to all of you for my stay here blessings …

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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