Sunday, May 03, 2015

Sunday 3rd may 2015……driving Miss.Linda and Connie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I told Linda and Connie that I would be their driver and take them to all their appointments the first of which was at 10.30 am going to their church…this is an Inter denominational church and around 30 people were there and I enjoyed the service…


This was in the pond outside the church…


Linda visited with many friends she had not seen in over a year and a few of her close friends met afterwards at a beautiful restaurant out in the country



Here they are raising their glasses and toasting Linda’s husband Guy who is back in Tucson.

It was a lovely meal and the grounds and setting is quite wonderful!!!



This was a nice reunion for everyone…after lunch around 4 o clock we went for a visit with Rita and that was so nice for the ladies to catch up on their news…..

Eventually brought my two ladies home around 6 pm…it was a lovely day and I hope you all had one as well…..

Yashi kochi!!!

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