Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tuesday 26th May format!!

This will be a little short as the Internet is not great here….left my lovely “home” at 9.30am this morning and 590 km later arrived at my cabin in Escalante, Utah!!!! Quiet roads nothing to report…. DSC02725 It has been a few years since I saw snow!!!!! DSC02726 DSC02729 There was a road block for about 10 minutes and Little Bluey wanted her photo taken… DSC02732 After 4 days of red rocks it seems strange to see green rocks!!!! DSC02725 Oh no here they come again!!!! DSC02734 DSC02737 DSC02735 DSC02741 DSC02742 My good friend Croft will appreciate this next shot…Croft has the distinction of being banned from the blog many times but he always comes back to read it again…..he also has a bit of a reputation when it comes to bridges…need I say anymore!!! DSC02744 Yes that is rain!!!! DSC02746 Welcome to my home for the night…Cabin No3!!!!! DSC02759 DSC02758 Very comfortable showers separate building but that is no issue for me…. DSC02752 DSC02756 DSC02757 All is well except the Internet is very poor so I hope I am able to post this….. I stay here one night and move tomorrow to a new location for three nights stay tuned I think there may be a waterfall in my life tomorrow!!!!! DSC02760 if the shots don't come out sorry I will do them another day...les Yashi Kochi!!!

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Croft said...

I'm watching! It wasn't a bridge, it was a tunnel. The first time. The second time it was an underpass.

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