Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday 12th May 2015…….now that was cruel!!!!

A perfect start to the day, the sun was shining and I was off to tennis…….two hours of good fun with one or two good shots and lots of laughs……..I then went to the grocery store and bought some supplies before coming home and having lunch and then in to town to Rita’s casa.

As I leave next Tuesday this would be our last card game together but do you think Rita and Roger would let me leave a winner….NO WAY!!!! Congratulations Roger a good win.  I shall miss my dear friend Rita a lot we have been close for about 5 years now and she is a remarkable lady who I admire and class as one of my heroines.  I have met her wonderful children and other family members but we are going to stay in touch with Skype…Bless you Rita!!!

From there I went and delivered some “stuff” for Catalina, the lady who cleans the house and then home and looking forward to the evening.

I BBQ a wonderful steak and baked potato, had a nice long hot bath and then settled down for a pivotal hockey game between Tampa bay and Montreal…if Montreal lose their season is over but if they win the contest will go to a final game seven on Thursday…the puck dropped and around the 4 minute mark a heavy storm came through and a few seconds later the power went off!!!!!!

It is now three hours later and of course I am without lights, TV , Internet so I have no idea who won…when the power went off I heard a big bang outside so I have a feeling this outage may last a while…..a bit isolated where I am no cell service, no phones  and as I found out a few weeks ago when the power goes out I cannot open the electric gate for the car..so I am stuck!!!!

I took these shots earlier in the day do not know the name of the white flower but the morning glory seeds I planted are so blooming!!!!





I received this e mail today from one of my Mexican students….

Hi Les!!!
How are you?...I want to tell you that The last weekend was busy and happy because me and my family stayed with my mom, I think all days will be special but in Mexico on May 10 is really special and I want to tell you that last week in my job was better because  my coworkers understand that my job is useful for them. I´m feel better because I can do more things.
I´m wondering if you have enough time because I think you have many things that you have to do, or not?
You Know, my home is your home when do you want come with us!!!
Thank You, and have a good week!!!!
Cristina Rosas

She has been inviting me to her home to meet her family the last little while and such a nice letter and I will try to go visit with them on Thursday.

Well it is now almost 11p m and the power just came back on…I checked the scoreboard and Montréal were not able to win the game so now the last Canadian team is eliminated from the Stanley Cup…

Yashi Kochi


Croft said...

Hate to be the one to tell you Les but Tampa Bay won. I had to look it up as I have not watched any hockey since Vancouver got kicked out.

mexicokid said...

Did you not know that now I am a Ducks fan!!!!!!les

Croft said...

You are hard to keep track of Les! Are you still with Manchester United?

mexicokid said...

No never was now I am a Sunderland fan....L

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