Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday 20th May 2015……Day 2!!!!

I had a good sleep till around 5.30am so got up Little Bluey was already packed and I made some sandwiches and was on the road a few minutes later it was just getting light!!!!

It was an easy journey through the big city of Chihuahua and then I turned west into the mountains and all was going well until I came to the final mountain pass which is narrow and steep and what was in front of me…..


This was a huge oversize vehicle…there was no option but to crawl behind him and it was about 30 minutes before he pulled over to let everyone pass…I could not figure out why no other vehicles were coming the other way until I saw this incredible line up they obviously stopped the vehicles coming down the mountain pass…


It was a beautiful drive and I was at the border after 9 hours….in line for 5 minutes and no issues sailed through and now at my motel, same room as a few weeks ago…


So another long drive 815km and just under 10 hours but that is the end of these long drives……

Had a nice meal, did some shopping and now relaxing after a hot bath……good to be in the USA!!!!!



I sent a generic e mail to my friends this evening and it came back undelivered with the words”Error 475” and now I can receive e mails but when I answer them or try to send an e mail it comes back undelivered saying suspicious activity on my account….I googled the issue and this sometimes happens when you send an e mail to too many people and it corrects itself after a few hours…


LINDA…..your cell phone message box is full and I cannot e mail you….how about I come to your casa around noon and wait for you I will have my book and be by the pool….


Yashi Kochi!!!!

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