Thursday, May 07, 2015

Thursday 7th May 2015…..saw someone special this morning!!!!!!

Well we had a nasty rain shower come through last night which in turn caused the courts to be too wet to lay on this morning so no tennis!!!!

Decided to go to town as I had a lot of chores to do and managed to do most of them.

For new readers just a little back ground without going into all the sordid details…but when I first came to San Miguel 7 years ago I met Paola at Casa Hogar a home for dis advantaged children she was six years old and so cute and we became friends and then I started to sponsor her and pay for her monthly needs but also take her places and do things with her..after a couple of outings I felt I needed not to be alone with her so I asked for another girl to come out with us and Daniela was chosen and there was the start of the three of us doing all sorts of things… cut a  very long story short Paola left the home two years ago and went to live with her Mother again and I have had a great relationship with her until recently when she moved very quickly because of some family issues and I have been unable to find out where she is living so I have not seen her for over a month and doubt I will find her before I leave on the 19th May……Daniela remained in Casa Hogar and about 18 months ago the Nuns changed and everything went down hill from there suffice it to say I have gone from being the school bus driver and window washer and party organizer to not being allowed on the property….all very sad and ridiculous!!!

Anyway I have not seen Daniela since then but I know where she goes to school and Sunday is her 13th Birthday so I decided to go to the school and ask if I could see her give her a birthday gift and also a letter……I wrote a letter to her telling her a little bit about the situation and how sad it made me to loose contact with her in the letter I included my e mail address….I also wrote a letter to Paola and asked Daniela if she would keep it in case she somehow saw Paola around town…….

What a shock when Dani came around the corner she was almost as tall as me and as beautiful and radiant as ever…she gave me the biggest hug ever..I tried to explain to her some things and we hugged again and she went back to class…I was so thrilled to see her again and know she is turning into a wonderful young woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

day36 027_thumb

Paola                                                                                                                                      Daniela


day45 030_thumb[2]

day48 012_thumb[1]


Dec31001_thumb5Dani here is about 7 years old…..

posada 060_thumb

and here she is this morning!!!



The rest of the day I was cooking and cleaning and now getting ready to watch the first hockey game of the evening!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!


Elaine May said...

What wonderful news! I've wondered about her for so long. Is she able to read your blog? I hope she'll send you an email from time to time.

Take care! Have a good trip!
Elaine May in Ladysmith BC

mexicokid said...

Thank you for your kind words and following the blog ...I do trust that down the road both girls will get in touch with me best wishes les

Esther said...

Great news! So nice that you got one more opportunity to connect. Wow, has she ever grown!

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