Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wednesday 8th June 2011……Game ON!!!!!

A mish mash of a day today started out by taking Heather’s van to the mechanics for some work and I walked home from there about 7 km…then went to Annie and Gord’s and Gordie and I took some stuff from their garage to the second hand store and then decided that I needed to rest up for the big game so Robson and I went in the back yard to sunbathe, read and snooze!!!

june8 004

So now this photo is of the back yard

may17777777777777 001

over the fence is a ravine that goes down to the ocean it is not passable on foot as it is steep and wooded…so here is what happened this afternoon.

After reading for a while I decided it was time for a snooze so I pulled my towel off the chair and put it on the grass and then with a pillow I was ready for some ZZZZ’s…well here I am in slumber land when I am awaken by this thunderous noise of a stampede and two deer come flying past me and I mean right beside me that they kicked dirt in my face..the deer are chased down to the fence by the neighbours dog….Robson who is over 100 pounds chases after them pulls out the stake he was attached to …the two deer jump over the fence and disappear down the bank and the two dogs stay in the yard…it was all so fast and yet amazing sight…I checked over the fence but no sign of the deer….never a dull moment.

Well at 5pm the neighbours came over and there we all were down stairs watching the big TV and me the only one in a Bruins jersey!!!

I will spare you the grizzly details but the series is all tied at 2 games each…



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