Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday 9th June 2011…an easy day!!

Had a very relaxing morning did some laundry and started to pack my clothes up for Ramona and did some route planning!!

In the afternoon I met my friend Karen and we went for about a 7km walk along the downtown sea wall….

jun9 008

jun9 005

Just gotta like that shirt!!!!

jun9 003and the knee brace!!

This is the exact same car that I owned for those years that I worked in Bermuda in the 70’s!!

jun9 006

On the sea wall we met Nora…Karen does a lot of chores for Nora and I know her from serving her in the restaurant where I used to work…Nora is 92 years young!!!

jun9 007

I enjoyed the walk and tea and cake afterwards..thanks Karen.

On the way home I stopped at the library and decided to visit the condo I used to own which is around the corner…

jun9 001X marks the one I owned….I did really well buying it in 2000 for a great price and selling it in 2006 for a huge profit!!!

Tonight was poker night and as per my usual winning ways I fleeced the boys for 8 dollars!!!!

Life is good….14 days to go!!!!!!

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