Thursday, June 02, 2011

Thursday2nd June 2011…Back in Nanaimo!!

So it appears some of those Vancouver Canucks like to take bites out of BRUINS!!!!….if you don’t understand this don’t worry you are not a hockey fan..


Next game Saturday night…GO BRUINS!!

boston orig

I left Duncan and went to Roy’s house and watched the hockey game it was a really good, fast game and the Canucks scored with 19 seconds left in the game so I must congratulate them.

I took Ramona to the car wash and got all the snow stains and sand off her and she looks good and I also ordered some new decals for her so see  how spiffy she will look in a couple of weeks.

Did a few errands and arrived home at the Bank late afternoon always get a nice reception here and life is always busy with three teenage boys on the move.

I really have to get down to the planning and sorting out for my big trip as I leave in three weeks on the 24th June… lots to do, people to see and life is good!!!!

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