Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday 3rd June 2011…..SUN at last!!!!


Woke up at 7am to brilliant sunshine and got up and watched live tennis from Paris…

June3 001

It was a good game and on Sunday Nadal and Federer will meet in what should be a fabulous final.

I went to my friend Karen’s this morning for a lovely breakfast and then did some shopping and later on went for a great hike at

June3 004

Sit back and enjoy this lovely green space and ocean walks just 10 minutes away from the house!!

June3 005

June3 008

June3 018

June3 023

June3 026

June3 028

It was a great feeling to be out on such a beautiful day and see such wonderful sights!!!

It was my turn to cook and I put out a very popular dish with the boys sorry the recipe is a secret!!!

Heather and Kirby enjoyed a quiet moment in the back yard not bad eh!!!

June3 029

I really like these sunsets taken from the deck!!

June3 031

June3 036

I am so happy with my little camera!!!

Check out the T shirt!!!!

June3 034

Croft you have my permission to copy the above photo and enlarge and make copies and put them around your house for your party tomorrow night!!!!!

It was a great day!!!!

21 days today I shall be on the road again on my epic journey lots to do and get ready…..wish you all a great weekend!!!


Elaine said...

We've driven to the east coast 4 or 5 times.
You have a wonderful trip ahead of you. Many great things to see between here and there.
If you have time Grand Beach on Lake Winnipeg has huge sand dunes, Manitoba also has an interesting desert near Carberry and of course old Fort Garry, I could go on, I was born and lived there until 1988.
Niagara Falls and so much more in Ontario.
Old Quebec city very interesting and historical. I hesitate to discuss historical with anyone from Europe because our history is so young comparatively speaking.
Don't even think of missing poutine in Quebec or lobster suppers in Cape Breton. The Cabot trail is beautiful, Don't leave out Prince Edward Island. The clam chowder is grand all over the maritimes.
Are you heading to the New England states, I love that area too.
Some times I think I should have been an easterner.

Elaine in Saltair

mexicokid said...

Thanks for the great tips just working on my route and going first to Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore and then staying in the states till Niagara Falls, then doing all you mentioned and yes going down the eastern seaboard and finally into the smoky Mountains and then onto Mexico you say some TRIP!!! Cheers Les

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