Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday 19th June 2011…...rain again!!!

Just like a dreary November morning again…..but I am not complaining.

Sports day again this morning starting off with watching live coverage of the US Open Golf Championship and then I went to watch Alex play baseball…

n19 001

One of the spectators was more interested in eating an apple

n19 003

and drinking water than the game!!

n19 004

Then home and drove Zach to the golf course and back home and watched the end of the golf and this phenom kid aged just 22 years demolish long standing records and set his own…


Just finished watching then did some work in Ramona and then back to the TV to watch England soccer team Under 21 move into the final of the European Cup.

Heather cooked a delicious dinner and the whole family was home to eat a really rare occurrence…

The boys presented their Dad with gifts and a card

n19 007

A nice family photo…

n19 008

and the boys made my day by giving me some nice little gifts and a lovely card…Thank you!!!

n19 010

So tomorrow starts a busy few days…hope the day was a good one for all you Dads and of course Mums too!!!!

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