Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday 14th June 2011……all DONE!!!!

I went down to Duncan today for my final dental appointment….before that I stopped off at Sara's house and mowed the lawn…. again!!!

I was in the dental office for over 3 hours here are my X rays can you believe those pegs are in my jaw!!!!!

june14 002

At least whilst I am laying there I can watch the soccer game on the screen on the ceiling!!!

june14 003

So after nine months and too many dollars to count my mouth is fixed and I am very happy with the end result ……

I went back to Sara’s house and waited for her to come home she has been on a 10 day kayak trip with 8 other girls….we had supper and a good visit and now back home on the Bank and yes it is raining again!!!

So tomorrow night the BIG GAME stay tuned!!!

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