Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday 11th June 2011….a very lazy day!!

I drove Zach out to the golf course in Parksville this morning, about 15 miles and then came home and worked inside Ramona getting my clothes ready and cleaning some of the cupboards… after 5 years I am still changing things around and putting my stuff in different places I think I about have it sorted now.

Then went to watch Alex play ball

jun11 001

and tonight yet another belated Birthday dinner…Inga took me out for a nice meal….so there a very lazy day!!!

Other good news is that I have cancelled my police complaint after diligent searching I found my Boston Bruins shirt and wore it with pride today!!  I do know who the culprit was and there will be retribution at some point…you have been warned Edie!!!!!

13 more sleeps!!!!

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