Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday 17th June 2011……one week to go!!!!

Well I am ‘babysitting” the three boys…. Heather and Kirby have gone on a mini vacation down to Victoria tonight and then a wedding in Duncan tomorrow and I am house Mum!!!

Too funny the boys almost take care of themselves just some cooking and taxi driver chores for me….

This deer was down at the bottom of the garden this afternoon and I went out on the deck and called him and he came right up to the deck and looked up at me!!

june17 001

june17 003

Went with Inga tonight to see the movie Bridesmaid it was quite funny and the theatre was packed we had to sit in separate seats…

Well two of my boys are tucked up and away but the big boy is still out on the town!!!

This time next week will be the start of my long and exciting journey….

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