Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday 24th June 2011….and so it begins!!!!

So everything, I think, is packed and goodbyes said and Heather made me a lovely breakfast, said good bye to the boys and Heather and the journey starts.

It would be remiss of me if I didn’t publicly thank Heather and Kirby and the boys for the warm , wonderful and loving kindness they continue to show to me and the knowledge that their casa is my casa is a heart warming thought…thank you so much!!!!

My first stop was the shop where Troy was giving Ramona a small makeover!!!

june24 part 1 001

Here are the new additions..

june24 part 1 004The Orca and NO not a Canuck orca!!!

june24 part 1 006

june24 part 1 007A tribute to the Great One!!

june24 part 1 008

The Muchas Gracias  decal I had removed and a new one put on but higher up as the scooter obstructed the other one!!

june24 part 1 010

The soccer ball almost looks like it is in 3 D..

june24 part 1 012


and I really like the war canoe!!!

june24 part 1 011

It only took Troy about 30 minutes to do everything and I think Ramona looks fantastic!!

Then it was onto the ferry terminal where they had a discount fare offered I saved over 35 dollars!!!

june24 part 1 003

I am parked waiting in line with my rear door open and I hear a voice saying “Hi Les” I stepped out and met for the first time Pat and Darrell who live in Campbell River on the Island here …. they follow my blog and recognized Ramona…small world!!!!!!

june24 part 1 013

We had a good chat and who knows may meet them again on the road some where else on these travels!!!

The ferry left on time and the sun peaked a couple of times…

june24 part 1 015

june24 part 1 016

Arrived at the border at about 4.00pm at Peace Arch

june24 002

The border wait was about 20 minutes

june24 005


and I was waved right through…….and here I am in the good old

june24 003

It was about a 45 minute drive to Bellingham and to the home of my Couch surfing host…..with good directions I found the house which is in a great family neighbourhood and my charming host Chris was waiting for me and after quick introductions Chris took me with her dog, Luna, down to the beach..

june24 008

It really was a beautiful walk we then drove a few miles to Lake Padden and walked the nearly 3 miles around the lake…it was spectacular!!!

june24 011

june24 013

june24 015

june24 019

june24 020

june24 009Chris and Luna!!

It really was a lovely evening and Chris is delightful, interesting and very kind!!

So here I am in Ramona tea in hand and thinking back to what a great start I have had for day one!!!!


Kevin and Ruth said...

It's so neat to meet people who read your blog and then meet them just out of the blue.

Gotta love couchsurfing, we have never had a bad experience and such a great way to meet new people and find out more about the area.

Happy travels.

Kevin and Ruth

mexicokid said...

Thats how we met!!! It is so cool and the couch surfing well i am two for two now gotta try the Harvest Hosts soon....have a great weekend cheers Les

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