Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday 21st June 2011……First day of Summer!!!

and it actually was a lovely day!!!


Started out with waking up early before 6am unusual for me so did some route planning and again out to Ramona for more yes I know even more sorting!!!

Irene, Heather and I went out for breakfast this morning it was a lovely visit and said my goodbyes to Irene….

jun21 002

jun21 004



I then drove to Duncan to visit with Sara…

When will I ever learn??

You see what I think happened is last week when I posted here that I cleaned the eaves trough at Heather and Kirby’s house that was a bid mistake…because Inga read that and thought mmmmm here is a chance so when I visited with her three days ago I cleaned her eaves trough…so what happened in between was Sara read that and thought mmmmmm here is a chance so when I arrived yesterday and before the planned hike there was a small matter of gutter cleaning to be done!!!

I just want to put it out here on the world wide web that this boy is no longer in the cleaning gutters, cutting grass or any kind of handy man business anymore!!!!

Anyway we did leave for the hike but not until about 5pm and boy was it worth waiting for…sit back and enjoy!!!

jun21 019

jun21 005

jun21 009

jun21 016

jun21 008

jun21 030

jun21 034

jun21 038

It really was a beautiful hike and only 17km from Sara’s house and we reckon we went about 10 or 11 km….didn’t get back till almost 9pm

Sara made me some fantastic Cornish Pasties to put in Ramona’s freezer which I shall enjoy on the road..thanks!!

Sara has an exciting summer for three weeks in July she is crewing on a sailboat up at the north end of the Island then going to visit family in Alberta before returning home to work for a couple of months before returning to Mexico….take care best wishes!!!

on the sleep counter….THREE!!!!!!!!!

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