Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday 23rd June 2011…..The last Supper!!!

Well rain this morning for my last day but it did clear up somewhat later on…..these deer were around this morning

june23 005

june23 004

The best deer photo is this one taken by Heather a couple of weeks ago on the golf course!!!

heather 036

So spent the morning doing final preps and loading Bonita….saying goodbye to great friends and then tonight we celebrated Ben’s 19th Birthday!!

heather 080

We went out to a nice restaurant and Ben forgot his ID so he couldn’t order a beer so he got this instead!!!

june23 007

It was a really great meal and thanks to the whole family for making me feel so welcome and all that you do for me and the privilege of staying in your beautiful home!!

june23 009

the Birthday Boy!!

june23 015

If was a great evening and a lovely last night for me.

The decals for Ramona which I was supposed to have installed today didn’t happen as there were technical problems so on the way to the ferry terminal in the morning I will stop and get them done.

So here it is my last sleep…….

My first stop is at a couch surfer’s home in Bellingham and I look forward to that as always when I am on the road I will try to post when I can…so please come along with my as this journey continues!!!

Map picture

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