Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sunday 5th June 2011……I may need hospitalization!!!

A beautiful Sunday morning at 6am spent in bed watching live tennis finals from Paris with two of the best tennis players ever, no not me silly….Federer and Nadal a thrilling 4 set game and the winner Nadal!!



Whilst watching the game I was Skyped by my Nephew Andy in England

rita 018Andy..

it was great to talk to him and hear all his news…then my brother

rita 017

who now insists I call him Malcolm down the middle this is in reference to his golf game BUT you can see from below which one of the Pearson boys has the perfect swing!!

rita 019If ANYONE mentions the little spot on top of my head immediate and final banishment from being  a blog reader!!

So you are asking by now what the head line meant welllllllll……I have this beautiful Sister in law, Janet, who is an Angel and was so great to my Mum and Dad and I love her like crazy but after all these years I just cannot seem to stop teasing her…..


jan 001

Bless you Janet!!!

So I virtually had the house to myself today all the family off in different directions so I cut all the lawns, spent an hour cleaning inside of Ramona…..found my favourite SMA lounge chair and read and slept and sunbathed, made supper and now sitting down doing some planning for my trip….19 days to go!!!

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