Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday 15th June 2011…..Joy and Sadness!!!

Had a good walk this morning took Ramona in for a final tune up and walked the 10km back home….watched England play a live soccer game from Denmark in the afternoon and then met Karen at Tim Horton’s donuts where she purchased a large vanilla milk shake and apple fritter for me

jun15 002why you are asking??  She should know better than to bet on the hockey game!!!  The sad part is she wants to bet on tonight's game also!!!!!!

So back home for the big game…… a house full of guests, Canucks fans….

jun15 003

The game was exciting but I just knew my Bruins would prevail!!!!!


jun15 007

Here I am with the Stanley Cup, well actually it is a Campbell's soup cup but you get the drift!!!

Now I have to collect on all the bets that I won…more about that tomorrow!!!


The very sad part is that the hooligans in down town Vancouver really gave the city a bad name with the fights, rioting and looting…it is still going on and very very sad end to what has been a great run for the Canucks I do congratulate them on a great season!!

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