Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday 10th June 2011…don’t know where to start!!!

Up bright and early and after breakfast went to Karen's town home to cut the hedges for her…this has become somewhat of a tradition for me now…

jun10 001-1Like the new Bruins logo???

the hedges looked really good and Karen very graciously;ly took me out for lunch afterwards even though I managed to cut her power cord in two!!!!!

In the afternoon I finished off taking the stuff out from Annie and Gordie’s garage and then came home to watch the big game…

even the deer in this neighbourhood are Bruin’s fans!!!!

jun10 003-1

So here is the story … Bruins shirt

jun9 003

which I have laundered every night and wear every day was stolen from the hangar which was hanging from the hanging basket on the back deck!!!!! Lot of hanging words there!!!!

I reported this theft to the police who live close by although I think the culprit lives very close by ….so I had to improvise with a home made shirt!!!

hockey 004

So I knew my mighty Bruins were in for it and I called it as a Canucks victory…so proving that I am not a sore loser congratulations to Vancouver!!!


I love Costco!!!!!   the new camera that I bought three weeks ago froze on me today the screen went fuzzy and with lots of lines and would not take photos…so I got the receipt and went back to Costco and they checked it and said it was toast and after some conversations they agreed to replace the camera so I am happy with that……so that’s the story!!!


Croft said...

Costco has a reputation for taking almost anything back, as does Walmart and Canadian Tire.

The rest of the Canucks - Bruins series will be a nail biter! I will be in Kitchener so I will have to make my sister watch her first hockey game. Hopefully only one, I don't think my heart could stand another Game Seven!

mexicokid said...

Don't worry i can get e mails to you in Kitchener!!!! have a great family visit cheers Les

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