Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday 29th March 2017...stuff!!!

A really easy morning I do not get many of these so I enjoyed this one...I have been gradually selling and giving away stuff that I really do not need and the last item was my TV but my great landlord Gregg wants to buy it so that will save me the time to post it for sale......met two of my special lady friends today both by accident and said goodbye to them..lovely to see them.......then I walked to poker and the winning  hands keep coming this time only 50 pesos but better than the alternative.

A full English class tonight and it was awesome sitting around the table just talking about all sorts of things after we all told what thing we had paid forward since last week and they all had something to say and then after class Laura stayed behind and she told me that she wanted to thank me for the confidence that I have given her over the months she is no longer afraid to speak English in the community..she humbled me what a lady!!!

Arrived home in time to watch a great tennis match from Miami I was looking in the crowds because 4 of my good women tennis friends are there watching but I did not see them.

So my final big tennis slam takes place on Sunday and then I leave the following Sunday.......hope your day was a great one!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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