Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday 15th March 2017.....a lovely day!!!

Starting with me being lazy ..enjoying breakfast on the deck, reading and thank you for all the kind e mails about my post yesterday.

I then walked into town to do some errands and get a 50 pesos haircut!!!!

These beautiful trees are in full bloom all over the town!!!

Then it was off to poker where I won 250 pesos!!!!

I have advertised Little Blackie for sale today....she looks good I think!!

Tonight the English class was totally different.....I had been able to get the movie "Pay it Forward" and we went to the home of Georgina and Aurelio to watch the movie.....
We met at school and with two cars got everyone to the house, which is a very lovely home, sat around with chips and I had brought a bottle of wine and I think for many of them the first time watching a movie just in English with no sub titles....
The movie was very well acted Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey, two of my favorites and the young boy was brilliant......the movie was not what we expected and it is very sad but well worth watching if you get the chance!!
Here is one review about the movie...

If the theme of PAY IT FORWARD appeals to you and you'd like to see three of the finest actors ever put on film, then you're the audience for this movie. If it sounds syrupy, go see something else. Haley Joel Osment portrays Trevor as an extraordinary child, wise and sensitive beyond his years because of what he has had to face, but still completely believable as an 11-year-old. Helen Hunt is heartbreaking as Arlene, a recovering alcoholic with a history of loss and abuse. And Kevin Spacey is breathtaking in a role that's a departure from the tough and wily guys he often plays.
Trevor's idea doesn't always work, but when it does, people are transformed, not by the favors others do for them as much as by the favors they do for the next people in the chain. We get a glimpse of its impact as the story is interwoven with scenes four months into the future, as a reporter tries to track down the source of the mysterious acts of generosity.

For me to be in a Mexican home with 7 wonderful people watching them engrossed in the movie was reward enough!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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