Sunday, March 12, 2017

DAY 1!!!

I was packed and on the road by 7.15 am and really quite an uneventful drive nearly all the way on good toll roads the cost of which was 714 pesos in total... here are some shots along the way...

Around 1.45 pm I got my first glimpse of the ocean, it has been way too long!!!!

At 2.30 pm I was pulling into the small village where my airbnb hostess Cynthia, came to town to meet me and show me the way to the casita.....

I knew that there was some construction going on but did not know to this least my room with have good cool breezes from the ocean coming in the windowless windows!!!

Cynthia lives on a large property on the cliff top she has her own casa and then rents out another 4 bedrooms and with a huge communal kitchen in another house on the property...because I am staying 5 days(and I am so cute) she gave me the only room with a small is awesome great big bathroom and shower, a small deck with a VIEW!!!! steps down to the pool a great area for me to do my work outs!!

check out the view from my bedroom!!!!

My own private balcony!!

and a pool

and all for 59 dollars Canadian, work it out in your currency!!

I had brought quite a bit of food and after I got it packed away in the lovely kitchen

 I was off down to the beach and my first swim!!!!
 In the above shot my walking stick is pointing to my bedroom!!!

Back at the house it was time for my work out....I am up to 21 repetitions of each of the 5 Tibetan rites and what a place and view to work out!!!

Then a swim in the pool and watch the sunset!!!

My room is really nice but there is no Internet or cell service but I can manage without for a few days....but it has all the little nice touches including these........draw your own conclusions!!!!

Had some lovely pea soup for supper and now sat on the bed, the fan going listening to the ocean and my music and writing this blog!!!!
Amazing how different this little town is from SMA and I also have to get used to the humidity.....a great first day and this is the tonic I needed some R & R by the ocean!!!

Something a little different!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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