Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday 31st March 2017...THE GIRLS!!!!

I want to write this post and tell you about my girls Paola and Daniela!!!

                                        PAOLA!!!                                                          DANIELA!!!!

Below is my post from December 2008 when I first met Paola...

No joke it was cool this morning had to get my socks and sweater out until the sun came out.
I went for my first Spanish lesson at 9 am this morning.  The course is listed as “Survival Spanish”, I was the only one signed up and I really enjoyed the class and learned quite a bit without having to deal with conjugating verbs.  I go each morning at the same time five days a week.  Of course it didn’t hurt that my Professora,  Lilly was quite stunning!!lk 003
I then walked into town and saw these interesting sights…lk 004
lk 006lk 007
lk 005
lk 008
The next part of my day was incredible and so touching.  I had signed up to sponsor a child from a local orphanage and to take the child Christmas shopping.  I was a little apprehensive as the instructions were very open,  an appointment was made for me to go to the orphanage and pick up the girl and take her shopping then bring her back to the orphanage.  I went with an open mind and I was blown away.
First of all it was very difficult to find the orphanagelk 010
when I rang the bell the door was opened by the Madre, who greeted me and took me inside.  Madre then went to fetch the girl I was to take shopping.  Please meet Paola, she is 8 years 012
We introduced ourselves and then we left, as soon as we started to walk down the path so nonchalantly and lovingly Paola held my hand.  We walked about 300 yards till we found a taxi, we tried to talk to each other and she held my hand the whole time and looked at me with those eyes and kept smiling.
The instructions I had were to spend 500 pesos and Paola could pick what she wanted.  We went to a big store where we first bought some clothes that she picked 011
Paola chose a pink dress, a white sweater, gloves, hat and some sandals.  The next aisle we went into was the hair aisle where she picked a hair brush and clips for her hair and then some gel for her 014
Now it was time for chocolates!!lk 013
Of course Paola had to have a toy…lk 015
We then went through the checkoutlk 016
then went for a drink and a treat and then took the taxi back to the orphanage.
Paola was so sweet and I was smitten with her and already decided that I was going to make an attempt to make a small difference in her life.  When I came home I checked the web site for the orphanage and found that it is possible to join a program called “Support a girl”.  For a monthly donation some of Paola’s needs will be meet.
I have some wonderful friends who gave me money before I left for such a need so we are going to pool our resources and join the program with Paola as our girl.  You know who you are and thank you!!!!!!
I took the taxi from the orphanage to the place I had my lesson this morning to do my volunteer work.  I have volunteered for 90 minutes three days a week in the class where I went yesterday.
Today when I went to the class the teacher Patty asked me if I would also go to another class as well.  Boy I have been a “teacher” for one hour and already I am in demand!!!!
I took my computer to class and showed the kids photos of snow, whales, where I live, pumpkins and my family.  The kids were great.  I then went to the next class where the children were a little 017
Please no comments about my art work on the black board!!
Tonight I rounded off a great day by going to the local church around the corner for a live play.  It was a very tiny theatre about 75 seats and the play was a comedy and was very well done, I really enjoyed the evening.  Want to know how much admission was??   20 pesos, 2 dollars!!
Today goes down as one of my best days for years I really am  not able to articulate the sheer joy of being with Paola, her exuberance, her smile, her happiness and her complete trust in me.
Hope you all can share with me in the joy of today, blessings Les

What happened next is that I became a part of Paola's life but I felt it important when I took her out to have another girl come with us and that is how I met Daniela!!!

The three of us spent a lot of time together in the following years but then the story story changes and it became sad to where we are today and I do not know where Paola is and Daniela is still in Casa Hogar but I am not allowed to see her.......BUT I have put together a wonderful photo album of the Daniela and Paola and I know where she goes to school and next week I will go and see her and say good bye to her there.......

I shall never forget these two little angels!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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