Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thursday 16th March 2017...the end of a beautiful relationship!!!!!!

We have in town a forum called the Civil List  which I use quite often and always with great results..but like all public forums it can get abused and out of line until the moderator steps in...this week someone posted about using a handyman and they were not happy with his work, his ethics and posted on the list..that I understand and other people now have the choice to use him or not...but it went way out of hand really nasty...I have a bit of a personal interest in this especially when one of my close friends used him on my recommendation and he did not perform...I have known the man for years and he has always been really good for me...his wife also worked for me when I had my apartment and I knowtheir kids...the posts kept coming until I felt obliged to write and post this below!!!

I promised myself I would not get involved in this as I  believe it has gone way too far...I have known this man for years and his beautiful wife has worked for me for over two years... their two children are really nice kids..I do not know nor want to know his personal circumstances and I am not defending him perhaps his work has suffered but we are guests in this fabulous country can we not show some compassion???  Your choice to hire him or not but I think this has gone far enough and should be a closed topic.....all of us and I mean all of us have had bad periods in our life when we were not firing on all cylinders...I know I have learned from the fantastic Mexican people to be calmer, less stressed and more kind and understanding....

I will not answer any comments anyone makes about my comments they are my views and in this crazy mixed up world we live in we all need to be better people and appreciate where we live and work for the good of everyone!!

In the last hour I have received four private e mails congratulating me on my post........

I also decided last night to sell Little Blackie I did not want to engage Murphy's law....see below

Murphy's Law

Contributor(s): John Velonis

The original Murphy's Law was "If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it." The law's author was Edward A. Murphy, Jr., a U.S. Air Force engineer, who, in 1947, was involved in a rocket-sled experiment in which all 16 accelerator instruments were installed in the wrong way, resulting in Murphy's observation. Murphy's Law is sometimes expressed as "Anything that can go wrong, will -- at the worst possible moment." In that format, the Law was popularized by science-fiction writer Larry Niven as "Finagle's Law of Dynamic Negatives " (sometimes known as "Finagle's corollary to Murphy's Law").
Extrapolating from the original, we arrive at Murphy's Laws of Information Technology, a set of principles that may seem to be jokes but which events sometimes prove to be fundamental truths.
Here are a few examples of Murphy's Laws relative to hardware.
  • Law of Inconvenient Malfunction: A device will fail at the least opportune possible moment.
  • Law of Cable Compatibility: If you choose a cable and a connector at random, the probability that they are compatible is equal to zero.
  • Law of Hardware Compatibility: The probability of a given peripheral being compatible with a PC is inversely proportional to the immediate need for that peripheral.
  • Law of Bad Sectors: The probability that an untested diskette will have bad sectors is directly proportional to the importance of the data written onto the diskette.
  • First Law of Selective Gravitation: When an object is dropped, it will fall in such a way as to cause the greatest possible damage to itself and/or other objects on which it lands.
  • Second Law of Selective Gravitation: The tendency for an object to be dropped is directly proportional to its value.
  • Law of Reality Change: Unalterable hardware specifications will change as necessary to maximize frustration for personnel affected by said specifications.
  • Law of Noise: Noise bursts occur so as to cause the most, and/or most serious, errors in data communications, regardless of the actual amount of noise present.
  • Law of Expectation: Consumer expectations always outpace advances in hardware technology.
  • Law of the Titanic: If a device cannot malfunction, it will.
Here are a few greatly simplified examples of Murphy's Laws as they relate to programming.
  • Law of Debugging: The difficulty of debugging software is directly proportional to the number of people who will ultimately use it.
  • Law of Neurosis: The chances of software being neurotic (developing bugs spontaneously without apparent reason) is directly proportional to the confusion such neurosis can cause.
  • Law of Available Space: If there are n bytes in a crucial software program, the available space for its convenient storage or loading is equal to n-1 bytes.
  • First Law of Bad Sectors: The probability of software being mutilated by bad sectors is directly proportional to the value and/or importance of the programs.
  • Second Law of Bad Sectors: When a program is mutilated by bad sectors, the damage will occur at the point(s) that result in the most frequent and/or severe errors when the program is run.
  • Law of Noise: When a downloaded program is corrupted by noise, the corruption will occur at the point(s) that result in the most frequent and/or severe errors when the program is run.
  • Law of Software Compatibility: If two programs are chosen at random, the probability that they are compatible is equal to zero.
  • Law of Option Preferences: When two people share a computer, their software option preferences will differ in every possible way.
  • Law of Expectation: Consumer expectations always outpace advances in software technology.
  • Law of the Titanic: Bug-free software isn't.
As you gain experience, you'll discover, and learn to live with, most aspects of Murphy's Laws. It's best that way. If neophytes were fully aware of all the things that could go wrong, they might avoid technology careers altogether. Then they'd miss out on all the benefits, and all the fun, that technology has to offer.

So I posted on the civil list last night the scooter was for sale...I had 16 replies and e mailed the first one a lady who wanted to see I rode  over after my gym session..she has never ridden before but tried it and liked it and bought it...I was anticipat this so I took over all the papers, the bill of sale and the extra helmet and left Little Blackie with a new lovely owner who already is calling her Little Blackie!!!!
I suppose with all those replies 4 of which offered cash sight unseen that I was asking too little...but I am happy.

Little Blackie has been a huge part of my life the last 4 years.....not once did she let me down...I shall miss her we put on 16000 km together......

I have not written about Ashley in a while she is doing really well in her first year at Pepperdine and on a winning streak of 11 matches and still only 17 years of age..way to go ASH!!!
Left to right Ashley is number 5!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Wow, that was fast. I was surprised you are leaving San Miguel but wish you the best of luck. You are really living life to the fullest. So looking forward to the next few months of your adventures. Cheers

mexicokid said...

Good price for Little Blackie and yes many adventures await cheers L

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