Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday 13 th March 2017 easy day!!

Good to be back in my own bed with those fleecy sheets of mine!!!
Around 8 am I heard the swoosh of the hot air balloon and went on my deck and saw this lovely sight!!

Took it easy this morning and then went walking into town where I had arranged to meet a lady who was lending me the DVD movie called "Pay it Forward".I intend to show it to my students on Wednesday.

Did some errands around town and this is a typical Mexican shot see all the activities and of course the church!!
On the walk home I stopped at a side walk stall and bought myself a dozen roses....
All these for 75 pesos!!!  Notice my two elephants and rock collection!!!

Back at home I took Little Bluey to the car wash around the corner and then started some serious cooking.....I made my first ever batch of pea soup!!!!
I had a sample before I went to English class and it was quite tasty!!

Class tonight was wonderful we just sat around the table and I told them they would each pick any subject and just talk about it for a few moments and then we would all join in the went over really well and they seem to enjoy these kinds of talks and the subjects we cover are diverse and always rewarding!!

Home in time to watch some live tennis from Indian Wells!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Ha! I made a big pot of peasoup yesterday as well. Tasty! Looks like you had another lovely day...

mexicokid said...

HOW WEIRD IS THAT??? every day seems to be a great one cheers les

Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

We just got home after two different house/dogsits totalling 7 weeks so it is nice to be home as well. JUst read your hood is San Antonio, that is a great walking neighbourhood. Close to tons of stuff and a more level walk than Azteca and Los Balcones!
Bet you miss the beach already. Cheers

mexicokid said...

I love the ocean but this time found it very hot but the swimming and walking was wonderful and yes where I stay is walk easy....cheers and welcome home..les

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