Sunday, March 12, 2017

DAY 4!!!!

Broken record I know but had a great sleep although I did wake up at 5 am to go you know where and the sight out of my window was wonderful even though the photos do not the sight justice.....the moon was bright and shining a path right into my room it seemed!!!

Enjoyed my breakfast took a shower and then drove back to Nexpa, the surfing beach, for my ninety minute massage....

Never know what you might meet on the roads in Mexico!!!!

Adrianna looked to be about 18 years old but she had a young son and she was a very professional and great masseuse and the time was heavenly and just what I needed...600 pesos again such a bargain!!!

I then relaxed on the beach watching the surfers the waves were much bigger than the last time I was here!!

My zoom managed this action shot!!

Then it was to the restaurant that rented out kayaks and I took one for three hours for 100 pesos and I set sail into the lagoon looking for the crocs!!!! Yes I was told there are crocodiles in the lagoon!!!!

Enjoy the photos unfortunately or maybe fortunately no sightings of the big one!!!

Went under the main highway....

so pleasant and serene and I pulled into some rocks and had lunch!!!

I thought about taking the kayak into the ocean but came to my senses and returned to the restaurant....

I Was home for around 4pm and just made some tea and out onto my deck with my book......

Did my exercises again by the pool watching the sun set and after a shower and dinner settled down and watched a movie on the big screen and already 10.30 pm and I am writing this....

I have thoroughly enjoyed my relaxing days here and being by the ocean is a wonderful way to spend a few days!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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