Sunday, March 12, 2017

DAY 3!!!!

I have figured out why I am sleeping so well

My bedroom is above the Virgin Mary!!!!

Had another usual lovely breakfast on the deck with this view...

At 9 am Bola my guide for the day showed up and away we went....he is a young Mexican man who has lived in the States for 14 years, speaks great English and after a few minutes he was proud to show me photos of his wife and two small children.

He obviously knew the area well having been born and raised in the town.
The first stop was here..

We met the worker and he explained the pattern of the turtles returning at night to the same beach where they were hatched to lay their eggs the morning the eggs are collected and numbered and dated and placed in a safe compound before being released back to the ocean about 60 days later. The survival rate is one in ten!!!!

This reminds me of a little town called Maruta another 100 km north of here I went there about 8 years ago in the Motor home and met and stayed with my friends Paula and Jerry...the town is known for the turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs....we stayed up way past midnight most nights but did not see any but the last morning we went for a long walk on the beach early in the morning and Paula spotted this huge turtle about 150 feet from the ocean just laying there.......we assumed that she had been digging holes and laying eggs all night and was too exhausted to make the walk back to the Jerry and I got on either side of her and carried her, she was heavy, down to the water put her in and so happy to see her swim away.....Paula took a photo off us doing this and I have it framed and always will remember that moment how many people can say they have done that????

Next stop was off the beaten track to a small is Bola on the left buying some fruit....

We parked and hiked about 20 minutes up the mountain with great views to a lovely waterfall and pool.....Bola told me in the rainy season December the falls are flowing fast and this is a very popular area for the kids to swim!!!

He then stopped to show me his cousin's kids..we shared a bag of carrots!!!!

Bola told me that he head wanted to take me to a farm where there are hot springs but he was told there were three military road blocks and he did not want to go through them so we came back to the next town Nexpa, where I walked to on the beach yesterday.....he showed me where I can rent a kayak and float down the river and lagoon and I am going to do that tomorrow....he also showed me a shack on the beach where I could get a massage and I have booked one tomorrow morning for 90 minutes...massage on the beach does it get any better???

On the way back into town he told me to pull over and we got out and he said do you see the face??

I did right away and he told me it has no name just the face!! I told him no he should start to call the face after the person it looks like, anybody agree with me?? Charles De gaulle!!!!

I spent 4 hours with Bola and it was a really great time seeing things I would otherwise not seen.

After lunch I packed up some drinks and walked into town.....the main attractive square

Do not think I shall buy any beef here!!!

The local church!!

Finally down to the beautiful bay!!

Lots of restaurants but nobody around!!

I walked to the very end then turned around and walked back and just about in the middle found some shade and went swimming....

oh the water feels so good...,..then my Mexican roots took over and I had a short siesta before going back swimming!!!

Another lovely sunset from my bedroom window...

 and after a luxurious shower and a light supper I watched a movie in the living room and now 10 pm and writing this....

A day to remember!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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