Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday 18th March 2017.....Concert in the canyon!!!

I will not bore you by telling about the number of soccer, hickey and tennis games I watched today!!!

This afternoon at 5.30 pm was the annual concert in the Botanical gardens canyon..I love this event ..these are the performers tonight!!

As in every year this musical event takes place in El Charco’s canyon, an amazing natural sculpted space, carved by nature in stone over time immemorial. Since its inception, this concert has been a collective celebration of life, with an ever growing and enthusiastic audience and always with the presentation of artists and groups of very high quality and various musical expressions. 

This year we will enjoy listening TEMBEMBE ENSAMBLE CONTINUO, a recognized chamber group devoted to Hispanic baroque music and the traditional music of Mexico and Latin America. Its members, Eloy Cruz, Enrique Barona, Leopoldo Novoa, Ada Coronel and Ulises Martinez, were trained in musical institutions in Mexico, Colombia, the United States and France, and are teachers at musical education campuses in Mexico City and Cuernavaca.

The ensemble came about sixteen years ago as a musicology research group, looking for the link between son jarocho and other musical forms. Its work has developed on two fronts: on the one hand there is the fieldwork in Veracruz, interviewing traditional musicians; on the other hand, an extensive review of the Hispanic musical sources of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, which had a strong influence on the emergence of music in Mexico. 

In 1998, Ensamble Continuo takes form, combining the baroque Spanish guitar with the music of the Gulf Coast (jarocha and huasteca). Years later and based on an analogy of the Tembembe River near Cuernavaca, the group decided to honor it and take its name, which like the continuous joint, has multiple slopes with the same flow. In this ocassion the group will have the performance of Zenen Zeferino, a well known musician and singer from Veracruz 

 I did not enter through the main gates but hiked in the back way along the canyon...
 So people just find a rock or ledge and sit on cushions it is a fantastic venue...

 I am not a huge fan of this particular music but the musicians were so talented and I did enjoy the performance!!!

 Just find a rock and enjoy!!!

A great evening out.....

Yashi Kochi!!!

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