Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday 22nd march 2017...this..that ....and the other!!!

The weather here for weeks has been so wonderful clear bright sunny warm days and the evenings very pleasant.
This morning I was invited to join a women's group of tennis players one of the group could not play and they wanted me to play...this Pearson boy is not going to turn down the chance to play with three ladies and especially when it is not at my usual venue but at the posh Malequin Golf and Tennis club!!!!

Enjoy the photos!!!

We even get a ball was fun and the ladies are good players and I enjoyed the morning.

Came home got changed and walked to this was a special afternoon as I won the most I have ever won 450 pesos!!!!

Back home made a nice salad and off to my English all know by now I so love this part of my life and tonight the lesson plan was again thrown out of the window as we just sat around in a circle and talked about rewarding to see them think and then express their views in English.

I told them what happened to me yesterday...I was in La Commer , the big grocery store, with my cart and my lips have been quite dry and my chap stick was at home and I needed a new one so i went into the pharmacy section and picked out one it was strawberry my lips were really dry I opened the package and was careful to put the empty wrapper in my cart, I opened it up and the stick was actually red...I coated my lips with a good dose and continued my shopping...I said hello to a couple of people I know and walked around for about 10 minutes getting my stuff....then to the check out girl who smiled at me as she rang my items through...gave a good smile and a thank you to the old lady packing my groceries along with a nice tip...on the way out said thank you to the security gurad and he just stared at me......loaded my car got in and put the car in reverse and happened to look in the rear view mirror and ..yes you have guessed it my lips were the brightest red possible!!!!!

My students loved this story!!!

A lot of you know about my friend Stella we have been friends almost 18 years and her Grand daughter Ashley is the tennis star.....I met Ash for the first time 5 years ago when she was 12 years of age and I actually hit some tennis balls with her..I was doing pretty well getting them back and giving as good as I got....well when we met at the net picking balls up I told her it must be an advantage playing left handed....she smiled at me the way only a 12 year old blonde beauty could and demurely said I am not left handed!!!!
I told her you are playing leftie and she again said but I am not left clicked what she was doing and I told her to go back on the court and play right handed.....I do not think I saw a ball after that!!!

Anyway I have followed her career all this time and have been lucky to attend a number of her tournaments...and last year she was offered a full scholarship at Pepperdine University and she is doing so well..

Enjoy this article!!


Ashley Lahey, a freshman on the women's tennis team, had the experience of a lifetime competing at the U.S. Open Junior Championship this month and reached the Round of 16 during her first time competing in the Open. The experience of competing at the Open is one Lahey describes as "for the books." She shares this experience as well as what her short time has been like at Pepperdine so far, and what she's looking forward to:
Q: It's so awesome that you got to play recently in the U.S. Open Juniors and did so well! What was that like for you?
A: The experience was incredible. I love playing intense, high-quality matches that really make me put everything out there ... heart, soul, body and mind. I love to compete, and playing against that caliber of athletes forces me to rise to the top of my game both mentally and physically. 
Q: What was your favorite part of the tournament?
A: My favorite part of the tournament was in the final round of qualifying. I think the nerves got to me because my arms were really tight, and I was making a lot of errors I don't usually make. Down a set and close to losing my serve in the first game of the second, I turned to the crowd just feeling kind of desperate. I train with the United States Tennis Association, and every USTA coach that had ever worked with me was there for me in that moment, giving me looks of encouragement. My mom and grandma were there too, doing the same thing. Most importantly, the Pepperdine coach, Per Nilsson, was giving off his normal positive, enthusiastic, vibes of energy. We have been close for a long time, because I committed over a year ago. I remember that before looking over I was feeling very defeated, but that incredible support filled me with so much energy!
From there on I dug into every point, just fighting for my life, and I pulled out the match in the third set. Doing a winning fist pump to the crowd after qualifying for my first slam in my home country definitely goes down in the books as one of the best of my life. I was overcome with emotion and couldn't hold back the tears. Afterward, I went over to Per, and the look of excitement on his face was unforgettable. I hugged him and my mom and grandma and the moment was filled with so much love and happiness. It was amazing!
Q: What famous athletes did you see and what was that like? Any favorites?
A: I saw a ton of top pros who I idolize, and they all treat you with so much respect. They act like you are one of them, on the same level, and say hello and good morning like it's no big deal. In every interaction I pretty much just stood there with my mouth hanging open and eyes wide just staring at them. I think my favorite spotting was Rafael Nadal.
Q: Did you get a chance to talk to any of them? What was that like?
A: Well, not really full conversations, but Caroline Wozniacki smiled at me and said, "Good morning! How are you?" I was a little too shocked to respond so I just stared at her. She just laughed really sweetly and said, "Well, I'll see you around." I then ran off giggling.
Q: What kind of thoughts were going through your head as you played throughout the tournament? How did you keep yourself focused and motivated?
A: Before each match I was super panicked and anxious, but when I ran out onto the court, all the nerves faded into pure joy. I love competing, and playing on such a big stage made it 10 times better. The atmosphere and environment were incredible, and I felt like I was a little kid at a candy store in a way.Outside of matches, I was a little worried about keeping up with school and getting all of my assignments in, but once I got on the court all of that faded.
Q: How did it feel to not only have the chance to compete at the tournament but then do really well? 
A: It was awesome. I was just happy to be there and get the chance to play against the top players in the world. Winning matches was just icing on the cake.
Q: Shifting from that, how did you first week with the Waves go?
A: The week before the U.S. Open was NSO week. Being the only freshman, I was the only girl here that week. The boys' team was awesome, though. They let me train with them and sort of adopted me into their group, giving me rides and taking me to lunch and just showing me around Pepperdine. I loved practicing with them and getting tips and advice too. They put a lot of energy and effort into the training, so it was great preparation for the Open. 
Q:  What led you to come join the tennis program here?
A: The coaches are amazing. They are passionate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, kind and just all-around great. I knew that if I came here I would be giving myself a great opportunity to work with the best college coaches out there and develop my game as much as possible while still getting a great education. Also the girls are very high level and some of the sweetest, most genuine people I have ever met.
Q: What kind of things are you looking forward to for this season?
A: I am looking forward to getting the opportunity to train with great players and coaches every day in an inspiring and motivational environment. It's very different from individual training. With a team, we all push each other to new limits, encouraging one another and getting through tough times together. It's going to be so nice to have that kind of support and I'm excited for it.
Q:  How has it been in general being here at Pepperdine? What have you enjoyed? What have been maybe some of the difficulties?
A: I love being at Pepperdine because the people here are so great. I have made a ton of really close friends already, and the best part is that we are all living in the same place, so we get to see each other every day, even if it is just briefly. I love my classes and teachers, and obviously the campus is stunning. I feel so lucky. The difficulty would definitely be adjusting to the workload which is intense, especially when I have to balance it with being an athlete.
Q:  What are you most excited for this season?
A: Competing with a team! I can't wait to play in this way and have a coach on court with me. I think I will learn a lot from this experience!

What a girl!!!! Way to go Ash!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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