Sunday, March 05, 2017

Sunday 5th March 2017.....boat cruise!!!

From my roof top this morning around 8 am....

Nice sight to see in the morning!!!

My tennis partner, Carolyn, had asked me if I would take her Grand daughter, Alys and her boyfriend, Ian out on the little boat tour of the Pressa that I did two weeks ago and this morning was the perfect day for it, clear sunny skies and flat still water!!!!
Rolando was happy to meet us and was on time and away we go!!!
 This is the little island where we are heading..

 The aqueduct was an interesting back drop!!

 They were doing the Beatles famous walk or at least supposed to be!!!!

 I enjoy finding reflection shots!!!
 My zoom on my little camera works really well!!!
 How about this one???
 We then stopped and went in this little chapel which is partially underwater in the rainy season in September when the Pressa rises up!!!
 A strange place for a castle turret!!!
 Not sure what this bird is maybe a hawk??
 I really like the next two photos!!

It was just over two hours and my company really enjoyed themselves.....

They then treated me to lunch downtown..thanks!!!

This afternoon I just did some sorting out for my beach trip and tonight Karen and Gregg invited me downstairs for dinner which was as always lovely..thanks!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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