Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Tuesday 1st September 2015….Day8!!!

Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits!!!!

Where did August go??

So this morning after breakfast I went for a nice walk for about an hour came back and did some more planning, watched a little bit of tennis and then Gail and Larry and I packed up our vehicles, Larry rode with me and Gail drove their van and off we left just after 3pm for Barriere and to visit with friends Arlene and Doug!!!


It was a good drive and almost 4 hours later we arrived at this beautiful home on the lake in the middle of no where and I mean no where!!!!

Arlene and Doug have been friends of G & L for a long time and I met and stayed with them in January in México when I went to visit G & L…we struck up a great friendship and A & D invited  me to come to the lake this summer..so here we are and what fun this will be…..check out the beautiful home and location!!!






Two other friends of A & D, Karen and Dale are also here and I also met them in Mexico in January so the stories around the dining table were fun and filled with good memories.

Just for me Arlene made a roast beef and Yorkshire pudding dinner!!!!!What can I say except thank you so much Arlene!!!


A true Pearson dinner…


After dinner the stories got funnier and funnier and don’t ask me how but the stories got around to feet and hard skin on the feet and I finished up giving first Doug



and then Larry


a foot rub down…no comments please !!!!

Boy I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends….it was a great evening ..I know tomorrow is going to be a fun day too….

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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