Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday 31st August 2015….Day7!!!!

I went to bed last night at 10 pm and did not wake till 7am this morning I think the last week with travelling and all the tennis took more out of me than I thought and my mind and body needed a break and I had one today.

Larry and I had planned to go biking over some train trestle bridges just out of town but the weather did not cooperate…so had a really lazy day around the house after doing some grocery shopping for Gail…..I read, ate , planned some activities later in the week in the Rockies and then sat and watched live tennis from New York.

This evening G & L invited three of their friends over and cooked a wonderful dinner and it was such a pleasant evening with everyone contributing the stories of thier lives..and now 10 o clock and I am ready for bed again.

Tomorrow the three of us are driving about three hours to Barriere Lake I have never been before but it is the home of Arlene and Doug, good friends of G & L and they also became my friends when I stayed with them for a couple of days in January in México…so it will be a nice reunion……the lake is quite isolated so not sure if they have Internet so I will post tomorrow if I can.

I promise a more exciting blog tomorrow…..

Yashi Kochi!!!


Edith Notley said...

Congratulations! You are always the class act.A true gentleman.
Happy travels enjoy the rockies.

mexicokid said...

wow so kind..the games were a lot of fun I enjoyed all the activities and yes soon the rockies thanks les

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