Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday 18th September 2015……shopping day!!!

It was strange waking up with no Lilly wagging her tail…I had tennis this morning and as it was raining I had no fears the game would not go on as we go indoor into the bubble and it did…two hours a good game which I enjoyed having my new bat back after re stringing…..

It was then straight to the White Spot restaurant to meet long time friends Barb and Dave and we had a lovely breakfast thanks for the treat and so great to catch up with all their news ..I have know them over 20 years they were regular customers when I was waiting on all those years ago……

After saying goodbye I went on a shopping spree I had a list of things that I needed for my cruise and following trip and I managed most of the  things on my list including a great shirt from Eddie Bauer store…I did want to get a Tilley shirt but the store is too far away in Victoria…but EB had a very similar shirt quick drying and no wrinkles it is a very light green and it looks good on me, well I think so………

On the drive home I noticed how lovely the change in colors are



I was home by 4.30pm and Jake returned Lilly and we celebrated by playing dress up!!!


Tonight it was a simple dinner, a long soak in the tub and now going to settle down and watch a movie!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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