Friday, September 25, 2015

Thursday 24th September 2015….Blink and this day is gone!!!

Up at 8am and after taking Heather to work came home and Kirby cooked a great breakfast.

I then got a call from the tennis club asking me if I wanted to play doubles at 11am and of course I did and it was 2 hours of great tennis….afterwards did a little bit of last minute shopping then I hit the computer and completed all my trips for the days the cruise ships docks in various ports…I have the whole gamut from walking to bike riding, hiring a scooter, a car hire in Honolulu and a taxi in Samoa where the tourist board advises against car hire…….so I am glad that is all done because my access to Internet on the ship will be short and expensive.

I still have not received confirmation of my room..I booked an inside stateroom and am hoping for an up grade but they should have assigned me one by now I called this morning but still waiting.

This guy was in the back yard this afternoon!!





5.30pm it was off to dinner with the poker boys

this is on the way to the restaurant that whole cloud formation is hiding mountains!!!


Shows you what a dreary day it was today!!



and for my last night I was a huge winner my biggest winnings to date of 38 dollars and I think they are glad to see the back of me!!!!


So there another day into the books!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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