Saturday, September 05, 2015

Saturday 5th September 2015…day 12!!!!

On the road again by 8.15am I find that is the best way to beat the crowds this long weekend and the sun was shining and although cool a beautiful day!!!

About 2 miles out of town I saw vehicles parked on the side of the road with flashes going and that is a sign of animal sightings so I also pulled over and off the road.

Got out of the car and saw this beauty



Now this is where it gets interesting and I have no idea whatsoever of animal behavior but there was another male on the other side of the highway



It seemed to me like they were communicating with each other



and the one of the other side just kept coming


I was parked behind that white car and I decided to get back in my car



I am sorry I could not get any close ups of this magnificent animal!!!!



Isn't that a marvelous shot!!!!

They wondered away and so did I but not before taking this shot!!!


It was about a 40 minute drive to the trail head and I knew this was going to be a toughie!!!!

From the parking lot it was all the way up hill a total of 2300 foot elevation gain.

I started off dressing warmly but soon ditched the tuque, gloves and jacket.



The trail was hard by the snow but refreshing views..


Then the switch backs started



X is my destination!!!


All I have to do now is scale that peak!!!


In the middle the little patch is where I started at the car park!!!

Well finally made it I was sweating profusely and before I took photos I had to change my shirt, get some clothes on because it was cool…sat and had lunch with these incredible views…like being on top of the world!!!





It was wonderful and getting down much much easier.  A good job I started on the hike early I must have passed at least 100 hikers going up most of them breathlessly asking how much further!!!

The car park where I was parked was also the site of this


I was definitely going for a soak but first I snook these photos through the fence



Before I went for a soak I just wanted to see the old baths which was about a 2km hike but fairly flat!!




I walked a little father and found one of the sources of the springs and yes it was HOT!!!!



I eventually got into the springs there were 4 pools 2 hot and 2 cold and I spent an hour in one of the hot ones it felt really good….the only comment I would make is that it just felt like any pool anywhere it would have been nice if they had somehow made it more mountain rustic…I think I would have preferred the old springs…the good thing the prices were very reasonable..$5.15 for this old senior!!!

I was back home by 5pm and it was a great day went into town and this time had a nice supper……now relaxed and almost ready for bed.

I leave Jasper in the morning and am staying at a hotel tomorrow night that does not have internet and then Monday I drive to Canmore which is about 15 minutes away from Banff and staying there 4 no blog tomorrow check back Monday for a big one….

Happy long weekend to all my American and Canadian friends and readers!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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