Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday 26th September 2015…almost ready well not really!!!

Another beautiful sunny morning and I was at the tennis club for 10am for the last session with the boys I do play again Monday but with a different group…really great time again but with a twist….a travelling professional player was in town for the weekend and he came to the club and I was selected to have a short game with him..I was honored to be chosen and with out being swell headed we played 5 games and I won 4 of the them quite a feather in my cap!!!

he allowed me to take his photo afterwards!!!





Came home and Boomer was sun bathing in my room!!


I got cleaned up and then Heather and I went to a celebration for Gordie a friend of ours who passed away last month…….it was well attended and really a nice afternoon and closure for Annie!!




Annie on the right with her daughter Nicola then a friend and then Nicola's daughter Kailen!!

Afterwards I went down to the soccer field and this is where I used to spend most of my weekends in another life I would be the man in the yellow!!!!



Tonight I went out for dinner with Karen and then back to her place to see Lilly and watch a movie!!!!

I would like to tell you that my suitcase is packed but that would be a lie….I at least have it open on the spare bed and things I need on the bed tomorrow is packing day!!!

yashi kochi!!!!

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