Friday, September 04, 2015

Friday 4th September 2015…Day 11!!!!

Had a good sleep and was up at 7am and out of the door at 8.15am I had a full day planned…..these were the mountains from down town!!



By the side of the road


My first stop was Medicine Lake



This is an amazing lake




This is the other end of the lake taken in the afternoon


I then reached the parking lot of Maligne lake and the start of the trail “Bald Hills”  listed as 10.6 km with 1900 feet elevation gain… a good work out by the sounds of it.

The problem was it was not quite 9am and quite cold so I dressed up warm but I knew after 20 minutes I would be sweating but it worked out…there are bear warning signs every where…


On the trail going up….


Reached the summit with lovely view of the lake





I rested and ate and then started to climb to the higher peak but with fresh snow and cold wind


I decided not a good turned around and took another loop down which was quite lovely!!!!



Just over three hours later I was back at the car and then I drove to my next hike about 30 minutes away…I must say at this point there is so much to see and do and it is not possible to do everything so I did some research on how best to spend my days.

My next hike was the 6 bridges leading to Maligne canyon for this I wish I had a better camera..




What I am going to tell you now happened in like a nano second…I turned the corner in the trail I had seen no one when I heard this like scratching noise from a tree on my left and I turned to look and there it was….you read about it in the books…. they warn you about these animals, the difference between the browns and the blacks and what evasive action to take but when you are confronted you literally freeze.

I was maybe 10 feet away and he or she was looking right at me…I read that you should not make eye contact so I tried to look away but that is hard to do…..all this flashed through my mind…should I stand tall and make loud noises…slowly back away singing…….play dead cover up my head as best I could…….he or she was looking right into me like inviting me to make the first move and I quickly decided to slowly back away I brought my hiking pole up to protect myself…..I never felt frightened or thinking this is the end I think instinct took over…then to my complete surprise I got my camera and took a photo…I could not believe I did that but I thought if this creature betters me then at least someone will know who it was…and then without any warning he or she suddenly turned and scampered away…I could not believe lucky I was not only to come out unscathed but to have a memory on my camera…….

He or she looks really mean but meant their match with a Pearson boy!!!!




This was a beautiful hike…





This canyon was so deep.

On the main road about a mile out of town spotted these are they elk?????





What a wonderful but tiring day reckon I hiked around 20km….after last night’s disastrous meal I bought a salad and stayed home had a long hot shower and planned my day for tomorrow.

Yasho Kochi!!!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

You had my blood pressure going up! Funny.
Wow that meal must have been really bad.
Did you complain?

mexicokid said...

Don't worry you are not the only one I fooled I have had some mean e did not complain and yes it was bad..thanks for the comment best wishes les

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