Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday 21st September 2015…..back to the house on the Bank!!!!

Just another beautiful sunny warm day and after taking Lilly for her morning walk settleddown and got my stuff sorted and got Karen's house fixed up for her and then did more trip planning.

I now have my own tours organized for the cruise ship’s port of Astoria, San Diego, Hilo, Honolulu and two separate stops in Fiji so it is all coming together.

This will be my home for 37 days….


I took these photos when I was in Vancouver in June!!!


Karen and John arrived around 1pm after a great week’s holiday and I left for tennis…it was a great time then went back to the Bank house with my stuff and then in time to be back on the tennis court at 4.30pm for two hours and again another good time.

Heather cooked a lovely dinner tonight and over dinner Aunt Doll who knows I like to have names for my things told me that I should call the cruise ship Big Bluey and I love that so there it is Big Bluey!!!

This is the back deck of the house


and I have traded up in size from Lilly to Boomer!!!!!


So now I am down to one more week before the next journey begins!!!

Yashi kochi!!

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