Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday 13th September 2015… Day!!!

Had a really great sleep followed by a wonderful breakfast with Gail and Larry and then at 10am started back on my last leg to the island……I did have a ferry reservation just in case for the 5pm ferry and the drive was over the mountains and really quite uneventful….

The ferry was on time and I was back just after 7pm…..I am staying at my friend Karen's home tonight as tomorrow Karen leave for San Francisco for a week and I am house sitting but more importantly taking care of Lilly(photos tomorrow).

Well it was an amazing three weeks away first with the tennis and the games and then stays with lovely friends and then the awesome hikes and vistas of the Canadian Rockies…..I did nearly 3000 km and again little Bluey performed beautifully…….

Now I have just over two weeks before I leave on another and totally different journey but a lot of things to take care of before I leave!!!!

I was hoping to watch the men's tennis finals but because of the rain delay of the match not able to …..

Yashi kochi!!!!!

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