Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday 20th September 2015…oh a lazy day!!!

Up at 8am and lucky enough to find a live soccer game to watch whilst having breakfast it was a great game…..Lilly and I then went on a big walk around the neighborhood it was cool.

Then did some sorting out and getting things ready for Karen to return home tomorrow…around noon the sun came out and it was hot…so hot I went outside in my shorts and enjoyed reading my book!!!

Later in the afternoon I went to H & K’s and met Aunt Doll and Uncle Bob who are visiting for a few days they just returned from an Alaska cruise on the same company that I sail with but not the same ship..they look really good and if you go into the blog archives and search 15th July 2011…you will read and see photos of them and my stay with them.

Heather prepared a lovely meal and it was a nice evening of great food and conversation!!!

So tonight is my last sleep and time with Lilly she is a lovely little dog and always so happy to see me…will miss her.

Talked to my brother and Janet this afternoon always to be in touch with family…..

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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