Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday 29th August 2015…Day 5!!!!!!

Woke up to nasty rain storms and it was an early morning as the mixed doubles game started at 8am… was the bronze medal game and would love to tell you that Trish and I were winners but it was not to be….we were just not good enough today and lost in two sets not even sure of the score but I think it was 3-6 3-6… has been fun at the games and competing with Trish.

The bad news that I got next was that I was to stay on the same court and play my bronze medal singles opponent was already on the court……I think you all know that I am not a complainer or a sore loser but I felt after all these games it was totally unfair of them to schedule my games back to back two days in a row…I asked to speak to the tournament official and he came down and we talked and I told him yesterday the same thing happened but at least I got a 30 minute break but they insisted that the game had to go ahead as there was a full schedule so I asked him to then schedule the game later in the morning as there were games going on up to noon..but he would not budge…I thanked him and shook his hand and asked rather sarcastically if I had time to change my shirt.

Perhaps not a good way to start the game but it does  get worse……..the first game I stretched for a shot and heard my shorts rip!!!!!  they were open from seam to seam luckily I had on under shorts and also a spare pair of shorts in my bag……My opponent was about 6.4 foot and a good player and he won the first set 7-5…….now an aside…….I have been playing tennis a long time and never broken a string but before I left Nanaimo I though I should be smart and take a spare racquet with me so I went into the garage and borrowed Heather’s racquet…….

So on the very first point of the second set what happens I smash a forehand winner and whizzzzzzz……I broke 3 strings……my car was right outside and I had to go get the the other racquet…..came back and immediately lost the next 5 games…….I know all about this game and I know my talent and I know I was not bringing my A game and I was mad at myself but calmed down saved three match points and then won my first game of the set.

No excuse but I was really tired but managed to come back to 3-5 but then lost that last game……..Congratulations to all my opponents they all deserved their victories…… sadly I leave the games without a medal but I also leave with great memories of a wonderful 5 days and thanks to all the event staff…I also leave knowing that tennis is all about the head and for two days I did not do well in that department BUT actually it is all Heather's fault I lost it was her BAT!!!!!! See I still have my sense of humor….BUT wait it gets even worser…is that a word!!!!!

I came home and really felt bagged and needed a hot tub and I called around the sports departments but it seems the power was out everywhere so I checked on line for Spa’s I needed a massage called a couple and all busy but the third one I called said yes I could come in….I drove there and it looked a bit strange…opened the door to an inner door and there was a bell to press which I did and the door was opened by a very classy young woman wearing an evening dress and the room was soft and dim and I realized what kind of massage I would get here……I smiled and said I realize I have the wrong address and turned around and left!!!!!!

But it gets even more woser than that!!!  I know my command of the  English language is wonderful!!!

I went to the mall where Wal-Mart is located and parked by the end parking lot where there was a row of tress and went for a walk in through Mall what I did not realize that whilst I was looking around a huge and nasty wind storm came through…when I left the store and started walking towards Little Bluey I was horror struck a huge tree had been felled by the wind and it was completely over the roofs of the three cars to my left and there were a few small branches on Little Bluey but thank goodness no damage….. the 3 cars next to me were in bad shape…I got really lucky.

I figured it was time to go home and not venture out for the rest of the night!!!!

So going to soak in the tub have dinner and then watch a movie.

What a great time I have had here nice apartment and great senior games and again I am so thankful that I have the health to compete and enjoy myself.

Tomorrow I leave for Kelowna about a 4 hour drive and visit with my lovely friends Gail and Larry…the last time I saw them was in January in México…but I just realized that is not true they came through Nanaimo in June and we met for lunch.

Thanks for all the  emails of support for the games I do appreciate your thoughts.

I cannot let today go by without mentioning my thoughts and blessings go out to Linda and her family…today was their celebration of life for Guy…I wish I could have been there but I did send a letter and I am sure it was a special and wonderful day for them all.

Happy weekend to my readers!!!

Yashi kochi!!!!


Ingibjorg said...

Les you have a GREAT ATTITUDE. !

Ingibjorg said...

Les you have a GREAT ATTITUDE. !

Ingibjorg said...

Opps! Spazzing.....

Croft said...

What a day! Maybe you should have stuck around for a 'massage' at that third place!

mexicokid said...

Inga since you got married you tend to repeat yourself and Croft maybe I should have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!L

Esther said...

Life has a way of keeping us humble :-)

I really thought you were going to tell us the tree flattened your car, lol. And to think, you could have had one bright spot in all that!!!

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