Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday 22nd August 2015……you know what day it is???????

Well a beautiful morning and I was up at 7am and had breakfast watching a live and interesting soccer game from England.

After the game it was off to the tennis club for two hours of good men’s doubles always enjoy these games and today was no exception…..came home and made some lunch and settled down to watch Federer demolish Murray in tennis from Cincinnati…he is just awesome at 34 years of age playing so effortlessly a true and magnificent champion and now he has to beat Novak tomorrow in the final.

The winds died down today so after the game I was able to get the kayak in the ocean I always love being out on the ocean and went for a great 3 hour paddle…


My destination the small island look really close you may see the white lighthouse…..


getting closer



I paddled down one side of the island




It was a lovely afternoon and then I headed back



Stopped on the way home and bought Chinese take out for Kirby and I and after dinner we sat and watched a live soccer game from Vancouver…..I must mention what a joy to watch all these sports on a 60 inch screen!!!!

So I imagine by now you have all guessed what kind of day it was ….a sports day!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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