Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday 26th August 2015….Day 2!!!!

Had a really good sleep and do not remember if I told you but last Friday I bought a Kobo e reader, it is like a kindle and I really like it and used it for the first time last night and it is great will save me a lot of time and weight without paperbacks.

I had a good breakfast and got to the tennis venue


with lots of time to spare before my singles game at 9.30am.

There are 6 courts surrounded by wonderful majestic trees…


I know I have played lots of tennis these last few years but of all of it for fun this is a knockout competition and there are only 7 men in our age category so no room for error I do not get nervous but I take it very seriously even took a page out of André Agassi book and I dressed completely in black ….shirt, shorts and socks just trying to get an edge!!!!

I did mange to win the match 6-0 6-2 and I enjoyed the game and I now play in the semi final on Friday morning.

I came home after the game about a 7 minute drive and relaxed and ate and then went back to the same venue to play with Trish at 2pm….here we are before the game!!!


This was a tough match and I did not bring my A game for whatever reason…we won the first set 6-2 but lost the next set 5-7 the format here is then we play a 10 point tie break which we managed to squeak through and win the match 12-10..Trish was great and I promised her I would do better tomorrow…we play at 2.00 clock for a place in the semi finals…… a good day on the courts.

Came home and soaked in the tub with Epsom salts and then had a bite to eat and then went to the university sports complex for the opening ceremony.

At this point I really want to thank all the wonderful volunteers they are everywhere and do a magnificent job…with 3500 participants and 1000 volunteers those numbers are higher than the Winter Olympics in 2010….

The entertainment was first class





This man was the highlight of the night his name is Mark Donnelly and he sings the Canadian anthem at all the Vancouver Canucks hockey games and his pitch is to sing the first three verses and then point the mike towards the crowd for them to sing and it was a touching moment when he did that and everyone sang!!!!



These girls were awesome and I love this quick shot of their reflection high in the rafters  !!!


The final act was to light the torch and declare the games officially open another tear jerker as they lit the flame to a taped version of Susan Boyle singing “you raise me up”..Google it on You tube it is quite moving!!!!

So a great evening home by 9pm and now time for tea and a treat!!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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