Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday 19th August 2015…a bit of a drive!!!!

Another beautiful and sunny morning and I volunteered to do driving duty!!!

Heather and Kirby's youngest son Zach, who has a golf scholarship at the Washington State University in Pullman Washington went back to school yesterday and he and Kirby drove the car and Zach is going to keep the car and Kirby flew back this morning to Victoria on the Island and I went down to pick him up and bring him home…it is exactly a two hour drive each way and as I pulled up to the arrivals Kirby was just walking out.

This afternoon I went for a hike I did 7 miles and went here




I thought there would be some trails around the lake but there was not because of this


I guess if you have to be in jail may as well be one with a nice view!!!


On the way home went over the by pass of the city


and then saw this sign at a senior’s home!!!!


My weird English sense of humor wants to know where the fast seniors cross!!!!

I enjoyed the walk and tonight I lounged and watched live tennis from Cincinnati!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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