Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday 21st August 2015……a bit of everything!!!!

My morning started with tennis at 9am at the club…..I so enjoy these mornings the games are fun, the people nice and the surroundings beautiful and I need to practice for the games next week.

A bit more about the games…It is British Columbia 55 + games I have been calling them senior games but that is not correct…the games are being held this year in north Vancouver from 25th 29th August and I am entered in the age category 65 – 70 years in tennis in singles and with my partner Trish in the mixed doubles……I have finalized my arrangements and leave here on Tuesday afternoon and take the ferry and I have an apartment booked close to the venue for tennis…the apartment if fully furnished complete with full kitchen and bath tub……I have to get accredited on Tuesday evening and my first singles match is at 9.30 am on Wednesday followed by the first mixed doubles match at 2.00pm….as yet I do not know the format of the games whether it is a round robin or straight knock out.  I have no idea what level of play to expect but I would imagine with players coming from all over BC there will be some top notch participants……I have always wanted to enter these games and I will play as hard as I can to win but shall be content to have fun and enjoy the atmosphere!!!

I came home after tennis and got cleaned up and took Heather down to the ferry terminal she is gone for the weekend to visit her Mum and Aunt in Vancouver…afterwards I went and picked up my lunch date, yes I had a date today.

Have known Irene for many years and she is a lovely old fashioned English lady and we went to her favorite restaurant and she ordered what she always orders fish and salad and a cup of tea……Irene has serious sight issues but she is an amazing lady and I was glad to have lunch with her oh and by the way she is 90 years young!!!


I dropped Irene back at her home she lives alone with her dog and cat but gest home help to come in 4 times a day to check on her…..I then did some shopping and finally home around 3.30pm.

Just Kirby and I here at the house for the weekend and I cooked supper and when Kirby came home we ate downstairs watching the news.

I then took Boomer down to the beach he loves it down there…..took these photos and they have not been touched up I like the colors of the rocks!!!





…later this evening I watched a good tennis match on TV……so another lovely day finished!!!

Yashi kochi!!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

I lived on Gabriola when I first moved to BC, over forty years ago. Across the street from the water, man was I lucky. After two months the reality of life set in and I needed a job, relocated to Vancouver. My hubby thinks we should relocate to the island. Good luck with your games. Safe travels.

mexicokid said...

thanks so much les

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